• Navigating Screen Time with “Watch with Joy”

    Navigating Screen Time with “Watch with Joy”

    Discover ‘Watch with Joy,’ an innovative app from HX Lab, designed to seamlessly transition children from screen time to engaging real-world activities.

  • HX Lab Treasure Hunt

    HX Lab Treasure Hunt

    As we commenced this year’s semester, our various labs joined forces to organize an exciting treasure hunt, a…

  • Miteinander


    The project “Miteinander” develops and researches technology that enables casual and nonverbal ways of being together across distance.



    The VEREINT project explores how technology-mediated “proximity over distance” can be made more emotional, fulfilling and acceptable.

  • Social robots in preschool settings

    Social robots in preschool settings

    Workshops with preschool children to understand the perception and requirements of robots.

  • Cooperative reading

    Cooperative reading

    This work shows a design concept for cooperative reading between preschool and elementary school-aged children.

  • IoT programming blocks

    IoT programming blocks

    Design and study of an IoT toolkit for children.